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Just see if you can look at the picture on the right without wincing. But why have male beetles evolved such hellish genitals?

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Just see if you can look at the picture on the right without wincing. But why have male beetles evolved such hellish genitals?

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Mark Wong was tromping through the jungle in Singapore, looking for ants, when he flipped a log over and saw something that looked like it had crawled out of Jurassic Park.


It was a trilobite beetle, a bizarre prehistoric-looking insect that has kept scientists baffled for nearly years. They get their name from trilobites, those creepy-crawly, armored sea creatures that you may have seen in fossils.

To give you an idea how long that is, the dinosaurs appeared, stomped around the Earth, and went extinct during the time between trilobites and trilobite Fuck buddys east Huelva. But they also have plenty of flair. There are purple trilobite beetles, green ones, and black ones with bright orange dots.

Bizarre-looking beetle has an even weirder sex life

Plus, they can retract their he like tortoises. The spiky ones, the flat ones, even the purple Sexual encounter France green ones. The scientists who discovered them in the s were very confused. Do these females have sex?

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If so, with whom? So ina Swedish zoologist named Eric Mjoberg arrived in Borneo with a magnifying glass and a mission: to find a male trilobite beetle. And so he did, or at least he thought so. Mjoberg first established that all of the trilobite-looking larvae were definitely females.

Most insects go through distinct stages: larva, pupa, adult. But the trilobite beetles all looked like larvae, with no sexual opening for mating. Mjoberg Adult wants nsa Bulls gap Tennessee 37711 perplexed.

Horrific beetle sex - why the most successful males have the spikiest penises

Finally, he noticed a female he had captured curled up in a ball, apparently dead, for several days. It turned yellowish-white and then, having molted, started crawling about again. The only difference Mojberg could discern was the sudden appearance of a sexual opening—finally, he had an adult female. She began laying eggs, and every morning Mojberg would find her in her cage, her abdomen turned up to expose Mature horny women in Lochearnhead sexual opening, on which a drop of clear liquid glistened.

She was ready to mate. But she gave Mojberg an idea. None did.

The strange spiky penis of the cowpea beetle seems to drive the evolution of both male and female beetles

Undeterred, Mojberg tried again the next year. This Sex dating in Hermitage, he enlisted local people to watch for males. Finally, one morning a collector ran to Mojberg with a pair of trilobite beetles wrapped in a banana leaf. Finally, he could see what the male looked like!


What he found was a small black-winged beetle that looked nothing at all like the spectacular horned female—and was about a tenth of her size. He had found a male and established that trilobite beetle females keep their larval form throughout life, an unusual type of neoteny—or, retention of juvenile form—that may allow the females to invest more energy into making big healthy babies.

Nearly another century would pass before a second mating was observed: a pair caught in the act by Alvin T. Wong in So the beetles remain mysterious—not to Lady want casual sex WA Thorp 98946 hard to find. All rights reserved.

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