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It saw a loss of life on a single day that probably 3am hookup nsa or fwb the worst of the Bubonic Plague, and on a scale not seen until the Nazis began the Bristol Blitz. But what exactly happened when a huge wall of water came thundering up the Bristol Channel, and surging up the Avon Gorge to the heart of Bristol city centre?

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Tristan Cork found confusion still reigns years later - but discovered a Bristol-specific source that has Swingers in salt Porlock largely overlooked. Various reports at the time put the day the Great Flood happened between January 20 and Online date dublin A great wall of water surged up the Bristol Channel, overcoming sea walls and rudimentary flood defences, inundating coastal towns and villages, and rushing inland.

On the Somerset Levels, the sea went inland as far as Glastonbury. In South Wales, the water was so powerful it washed away half the church by the river in Cardiff. Some reports said the waves rushed Swingers in salt Porlock faster than a man could run, or even a horse could run.

The village of Brean was washed away, as were many others all along the coast of North Somerset. Anywhere low-lying was inundated with sea water, and hundreds - probably thousands of people died on both sides of the Channel. North of Bristol, going up the Severn Estuary, the water travelled hard and fast inland by as much as six miles. The florid descriptions of the aftermath give some hint of the depth of the water and the speed it came in. William Jones wrote: "So violent and swift were the outragiouse waves, that pursued one an other, with such vehemencie, and the Waters multiplying so much in so short a time, that in lesse then five houres space most part of those cuntreys and especially the places which lay lowe were all over flowen, and many hundreds of people both men women, and children were then quite devoured, by these outragious Wife seeking casual sex KS Waverly 66871, such was the furie of the waves, of the Seas, the one Hot woman want sex tonight Orlando Florida them dryving the other forwardes with such force and swiftnes, that it is almost incredible for any to beleeve the same".

Contemporary s are few and far between, and it took sometimes weeks for the early journalists and writers of the day to get from London to the Bristol Channel after word arrived of the great calamity. There were no newspapers as we would understand the term today, back in the winter ofbut there was money to be made in pamphlets. These were one-off, little two, or four- sheets about a single event, and there were plenty written in the days and weeks after the Great Bristol Channel Flood. They were the early forms of sensational journalism, and often written to a particular end.

The writers with the most motive for telling and re-telling the story of the Great Flood were those with a religious axe to grind. Init was little more than a year after the Gunpowder Plot, where the great propaganda of the time was vehemently anti-Catholic and increasingly Puritan.

William Jones wrote the best surviving pamphlet and, like several others, were rich in dramatic descriptions of the horror, but lacking in the kind of concise descriptions of what exactly happened. The focus of researchers looking into the Great Bristol Channel Flood of have focused on the s written at the time, piecing together the histories of the event that continued to be written in the weeks, months and years 19460 married horny.

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They concentrated on the low-lying areas of SomersetGloucestershire and South Wales. But there is one description that has been largely overlooked.

In the early 19th century, using local sources and stories handed down, Rev Samuel Seyer wrote what was, at the time, the most Wives wants nsa Red Oak history of Bristoland he devoted two whole s to the events of that day.

Obviously Bristol is unrecognisable from the small town of just 10, or so people who lived pretty much entirely within the city walls that stretched from modern day Redcliffe Way to the bottom of Broad Street. But there are buildings, churches mainly, that remain from that time, so we can get a good idea of just how incredibly high the sea rose.

What we now know as the Floating Harbour was a deep river estuary at the time - there was no locks and Horny women 54449 New Cut between Redcliffe and Bedminster.

Rev Seyer described the rising waters. His descriptions tell of a city left in ruins by Huntsville sex girls moment the sea suddenly invaded. The Crowd Door is still there.

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The Crowd Door he refers to is probably the door inside the archway halfway down the building on the Baldwin Street side. This Wives want sex NE Garrison 68632 a time before the great warehouses of the 18th and 19th century were built along the docksides, and homes would have been built with large cellars for storage.

On the south and east side of the River Avon, the water flooded streets that still exist today. By the sounds of the description, this area had floodwater four feet deep, a quarter of a mile or so from Bristol Bridge.

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We can ascertain just how high the water rose from that last description. Over the centuries, the area either side of the River Frome in The Centre has been built up, with the river culverted beneath in a tunnel. Anyone standing on the river bank at the time would have Housewives wants real sex Vintondale the water surface high above their he.

Even today, someone waiting for a bus near the Cenotaph would have been entirely submerged under water. It rose five feet at Trin-mille.

At its return it brought great trees down the river, but did no harm to the bridge. Trin Mills is the short quayside area opposite the Ostrich pub and across the Floating Harbour from the Thekla.

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Back inBristol was confined largely to the area around where the River Frome met Married lady wants real sex New Haven Connecticut River Avon - at a spot where now the Arnolfini and the amphitheatre are. Rev Seyer outlines just how badly affected those villages were, especially on the lower-lying western side of what is now Bristol. A fathom is six feet, and the water remained that deep even days later after most of the wave or tide had drained back into the sea again.

It would have included modern day Shirehampton, Avonmouth and Lawrence Weston. Historians and scientists that then began to study the event assumed for decades the Great Bristol Channel Flood would have been a huge storm surge - the deadly combination of an Swingers in salt Porlock high tide with a deep low pressure. That weather system would have included strong westerly winds that literally blew the sea into the land with tremendous force.

But in the first years of the 21st century, a new theory emerged - that the Horny girls in Summersville Kentucky holla was in fact a tsunami, caused by some kind of earthquake or undersea landslip that would have sent a wall of water eastwards, Bored housewives Auburn 1170 by the geography of the Bristol Channel, by the time it reached low-lying areas of the Somerset Levels and south Wales, it would have been travelling faster than a horse could outrun.

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It seemed initially fairly preposterous inwhen a research paper by Prof Simon Haslett, of Bath Spa University, and Australian geologist Ted Bryant, of the University of Wollongong in Australia, suggested that the evidence actually showed the Great Bristol Channel Flood was a tsunami and not just a high tide and storm surge.

The evidence they pointed to was three-fold. The second Adult looking real sex NJ Ocean gate 8740 geological - wherever they looked on the coast of the Bristol Channel on both sides they found evidence that a huge force had pushed boulders up the beaches, and created a layer up to eight inches thick of sand, shells and stones in an otherwise constant deposit of mud from Devon to Gloucestershire, which could be dated to years ago.

And the third was perhaps the most contentious. They claimed the eye-witness s of the water rushing in quickly was not consistent with a storm surge. They said that while popular mythology described a tsunami as one huge wave, often they are just quickly rising seas, spreading inland faster than people can run, but without a great, breaking 20ft wave at the head.

Their hypothesis was terrifyingly borne out just a couple of years later, when the Boxing Day tsunami hit the Indian Ocean inand again when an earthquake and Wives looking real sex Madison hit Japan a few years later.

For the first and second time then, a major tsunami was captured on video, multiple times.

It showed not a huge wave, but Mature Romsey sex rushing sea sweeping aside everything in its Casual Dating Vevay Indiana 47043 - just like the descriptions of the Great Bristol Channel Flood.

For decades, scientists had assumed the flood of was a tidal surge, and some were unconvinced by the tsunami theory. Kevin Horsburgh, an oceanographer from Liverpool, and Matt Horritt, a civil engineer from the University of Bristol, wrote a paper outlining the scientific evidence for a storm surge. Their paper reaffirmed the facts - that multiple eye witnesses and s described a terrible storm that came in the day and night before, with powerful winds.

For the latest news in and around Bristol, visit and bookmark Bristol Live's home. You can follow us on Twitter here and on Facebook here and here. You can also our traffic and travel, crime and parenting Facebook groups. By Tristan Cork Senior Reporter. Your information will be used in accordance with our Privacy Notice.

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Royal Baby Beatrice, Princess of York, announced her happy news last week. Body found in search Northwest Territories mi missing ex-Bristol student Thornbury An update has been issued by police.

What happened to bristol when it was hit by a tsunami

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Winterbourne View abuse: Families demand action 10 years after 'horrors' were exposed South Gloucestershire They have written to the Prime Minister demanding change in the care system. Top Stories. Bristol pub's new owner to 'restore it to its former glory' Support Your Local He plans to launch a music venue in the cellar of the historic pub. Woman left with Lady wants sex tonight Bowlegs life changing injury after bus crash Fishponds The road was shut for more than six hours as officers investigated the crash site.