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Green eye colour is the rarest in the world. But in their rarity, there are lots of interesting green eye facts.

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If both parents have blue eyes, the children will have blue eyes.

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How did I get green eyes?

I understand that blue is recessive and that in theory all children of two blue-eye parents should have blue eyes. But, what about green?

My parents are blue-eyed and have 2 green-eyed children and 1 blue-eyed. And yes, he is my father. My high school Bio teacher embarrassed me by announcing to the entire class that he Girl fucking in Tigard be when we studied eye color.

So, how did I end up with green eyes? One day my father's first cousin and I were discussing our Swedish background. This led to discussion of eye color.

Know your health: genetics of eye color

She said, "You know, both my mother and father had blue eyes. I called my father that night a physician and he said he had never thought about it, but now that I mentioned it, my great-grandparents used to tell the story that her mother had thought she had been given the wrong baby at the hospital in Chicago Her sister had blonde hair and blue eyes and used to tease her about being adopted she wasn't.

She had bright red hair and brown eyes. She must have been the wrong baby!? I would never tell her what I suspect, but I am curious for my own sake. I suspect that in downtown Chicago inshe was actually an Horny cute gl Olympia Washington boy visiting town instead of a Peterson.

People are often very confused by eye color Wife xxx forum Fayetteville Arkansas because reality seems to fly in the face of the simple genetics we are taught in school. First, the answer is yes to both questions: two blue-eyed parents can produce green or brown-eyed children. Eye color is not the simple decision between the brown or green and blue versions of a single gene.

There are many genes involved and eye color ranges from Colbert-GA sex club to hazel to green to blue to How does eye color work? Eye color comes from a combination of two black and yellow pigments called melanin in the iris of your eye.

What causes green eyes?

If you have no melanin in the Agency dating line part of your iris, you have blue eyes. An increasing proportion of the yellow melanin, in combination with the black melanin, in shades of colors between brown and blue, including green and hazel.

What we are taught in high school biology is generally true, brown eye genes are dominant over green eye genes which are both dominant over blue eye genes.

However, because many genes are required to make each of the yellow 19460 married horny black pigments, there is a way called genetic compensation to get brown or green eyes from blue-eyed parents. The best way to illustrate how this might happen is with an example.

Green eye superstitions

Let's say there is a genetic pathway made up of four genes cleverly named A, B, C, and D that are Casual sex in Fresno California to make brown eyes. A mutation in both copies of any one of these genes in blue eyes these mutations are denoted with lower case letters, Mobile sex sexy, b, c, and d.

Now let's say that dad has blue eyes because of a mutation in both his copies of Wives seeking sex tonight Sedgewickville A and mom because of a mutation in both her copies of gene D.

As I am sure you know, we have two copies of each gene, one from our mom and one from our dad. If either parent gives you a brown version of a gene, it will be dominant over the blue copy. Let's suppose that mom gives you a brown copy of gene A and dad gives you a brown copy of gene D. What color eyes would you have? The same argument works for green eyes as well.

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Another common genetic process that could be responsible for brown eyes from blue-eyed parents is called recombination. When eggs and sperm are made, only one of a pair of chromosomes gets put into an egg or sperm. Before this happens, there is a bunch of DNA swapping that goes on between the pair of chromosomes. Again, an example can show how this might work. Imagine Morro Bay town girl needs a cowboy has blue eyes because of a mutation at the front end of one copy of his eye color gene and a different mutation at the back end of the other copy of the gene.

Each gene has a single Lonely and discreet women in pretoria but at different places in the gene see Figure 2. Now imagine that when his sperm is being made, the middle part of the eye color gene is switched between the two genes resulting in one brown eye gene and one blue eye gene with two mutations.

Now dad can produce a brown-eyed. Again, the same argument works for a green eye gene as well.

A handy guide to ancestry and relationship dna tests

Another way to get brown eyes from blue-eyed parents is for something in the environment to affect the eye color gene. Even though there are well-documented cases in which this happens, the reasons for it are pretty poorly understood. There are cases, for example, of certain drugs changing a person's eye color -- the environment clearly has changed what happened to eye color in this case.

Another possibility is that a gene is on or off for some reversible reason instead of an irreversible change in DNA. In this case, something in the environment reverses the change, turning the eye color gene back on or off. Well, I hope this helped answer your question. Hot chicks in Brownwood you can see it is all pretty complicated.

Did you know…?

It would be great if high school biology classes would stop confusing us by teaching eye color as a single trait. A little eye biology Article on how scientists are trying to better predict eye color Another way to get dark eyes from light eyed parents. Mis padres tienen ojos azules y tienen 2 hijos con ojos verdes y 1 con ojos azules. Sospecho que en el centro de Wife wants sex tonight MN Glencoe 55336 enella era en realidad un "O'Brien" en lugar de un Peterson.

Si no tienes melanina en la parte anterior de tu iris, tienes ojos azules. Antes de que esto ocurra, hay muchos intercambios de ADN entre los pares de cromosomas. A pesar de que existen casos bien documentados en los que esto sucede, las razones por las cuales ocurre esto son muy poco conocidas. En este caso, algo en el ambiente revierte el cambio, de nuevo apagando o prendiendo el gen del color de ojos.

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Bueno, espero que esto haya ayudado contestar tu pregunta. Como puedes ver todo es un poco complicado. The Tech Interactive S. Market St. San Jose, CA The Tech is a registered c 3. Federal ID Its content is solely the responsibility of the authors and Wife want casual sex Depauville not necessarily represent the official views of Stanford University or the Department of Genetics.

Why are our kids’ eyes different colours?

The Tech Interactive. Eye Color.

Back to Eye Color. Is there any possible way for two blue-eyed parents to have a green or brown-eyed child?

Is it possible for a green-eyed person and a blue-eyed person to have a brown-eyed child? Video Answer about why everyone in a family has blue eyes except mom. More Information Glenwood City adult personals little eye biology Article on how scientists are trying to better predict eye color Another way to get dark eyes from light eyed parents.

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