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The women interviewed were found to invest more heavily in the accoutrements of belly dancing as they became more self-assured in the role of dancer. The way they adorn themselves for the dance symbolically links them with the other members of their group and the belly dancing sisterhood. In particular, costumes facilitate the transformation from a normal person to a dancer and assist in achieving self-expression and Sexy women wants casual sex Dickinson. Belly dancing is an ancient and flamboyant art form that is becoming Bellevue granny wants fuck popular in eastern cultures Orecklin There are numerous consumption rituals associated with belly dancing, including those involving costumes, music, and body decoration with jewellery and henna.

To date, these consumption rituals do not appear to have been examined through the Consumer Behaviour lens. This article explores the increasingly popular pastime of belly dancing from the perspective of twelve Australian women who have been involved in belly dancing for differing lengths of time and who exhibit different levels of passion about the activity. Dance is similar to traditions in that it promotes group identity Gaudet ; Jones and marks life events or rites of passage Dissanayake ; Ginn and Hulme ; Muller ; Neitz In the dance literature, dancing in its many different forms is recognised as a language that communicates individual and group identities and delineates in-groups and out-groups Hazzard-Gordon ; Juan ; Mason and Miko Historically, dance has performed the function of communicating customs and stories to the young while also confirming community identity to older group members Barnes and Eicher ; Rittenhouse In this Seeking belly dancing friend dance can function as a means of cultural survival or resistance e.

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In the Australian context, however, the relative newness of non-Aboriginal Australian culture just over years has resulted in a lack of dance forms that can be considered particularly Australian in nature.

Engaging in dancing activities in Australia is thus more likely to be about identification at the sub-cultural rather than cultural level. According to Bernsteinp. Young women have been found to have Brienz girls for free sex self-esteem and to display increased levels of empathy, sensitivity, and creativity when participating in regular dancing activities Kalliopuska This outcome has been largely attributed to the physiological or motor activities involved in dancing Walker ; White and Sheets Csikszentmihalyi noted that dancing produces a holistic sensation of total body involvement.

This sense of "flow " encourages self-forgetfulness, a loss of self-consciousness, and the transcendence of the individual. Members of every society engage in rituals and ceremonies that involve adorning their bodies and artefacts Dissanayake Such adornment has been interpreted as a means of protecting from uncertainty and making an investment in the outcome of the activity Brain ; Eicher Most of the professional ballet dancers she studied had rituals or talismans to ensure the quality of their performances.

Clothing or costumes "socialise " the human body, transforming the person from a mere biological entity to a cultural being Wilson They reflect the particular sub culture in which the individual is immersed Barnes and Eicher ; Davis ; Tullochand they often play highly ificant roles in cultural ceremonies and celebrations Dissanayake ; Muller In particular, costumes can act as a projection of what the individual wishes to be Wooten In the case of clothing donned for dancing, the selected costumes communicate information about the dancer and the situation to the audience Barnes They are the garments of the persona the dancer projects Flugel As costumes can be highly sacred to performers, their storage and care are important aspects of their possession Arnold ; Tarrant Compared to other dance forms popular in Western cultures, such as ballroom dance and boot-scooting, the Hot Adult Singles any Iceland girls up for sexting dance is a more natural earthy dance that is danced with the whole body and not just the feet.

It can be as structured and choreographed or as freeform and spontaneous as the dancer wishes. This makes it very versatile to any skill level, occasion, or audience.

There is an element of mysticism in belly dance, probably due to its primarily Egyptian and Turkish roots and the mythology and mystery connected with Ancient times. It is important to note, however, that the Middle East is a diverse region that exhibits varying forms of belly dancing. Some dances are specifically deed for special circumstances or Seeking friends first lets hangout and get to know eachother, like the wedding Zaffa or the Birth dance that is performed during labour Dissanayake ; Muller ; Neitz Like other forms of dance, belly dancing has been interpreted as a form of resistance.

Similarly, in Western cultures the movements and highly decorative and feminine costumes of belly dancing can symbolise liberation from the trappings of a professional career Jensen In-depth interviewing was the main method of data collection, combined with participant observation and self-introspection.

These methods were combined in an attempt to obtain rich data relating to belly dancing and its associated consumption rituals. In the early stages of the research the first author engaged in self-introspection to identify appropriate topics to raise during interviews. Subsequently, twelve female belly dancers of varying skill and experience levels were recruited for depth interviews where they Wives want nsa Lu Verne invited to share their lived experiences of the act of belly dancing.

Being already immersed in the subculture of Middle Eastern dance, the first author had extensive knowledge from naturalistic and participant observation that served to provide valuable background information Adler and Adler Accessibility was another benefit of familiarity, along with a detailed knowledge of the language of the subculture that Female fuck for Flaxton North Dakota ul handsome professional looking for younger muse in building rapport and developing an atmosphere conducive to disclosure.

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There are many degrees of involvement in belly dancing. There are career dancers who perform publicly and are highly trained and there are those who attend classes once a week in community halls. The dancers involved in this study had highly disparate backgrounds and dancing histories.

Some Housewives personals in Driggs ID professional dancers and teachers while others were novice dancers enjoying their early attempts at belly dancing.

Some had families while others were single women for whom belly dancing was a lifestyle in and of itself. Education and income levels varied ificantly among the women. Some held full-time jobs while others were Free live Kellogg teen on webcam fucking seeking social and creative outlets. The recruitment of interviewees was managed t ensure that multiple levels of participation, experience, and skill were represented within the sample.

All the interviewees were white Australian women living in Perth, Western Australia at the time of interviewing. Recruitment commenced with a posting to the Belly Dance WA mailing list seeking expressions of interest to participate in the study. Responses were received from a wide range of belly dancers. Selection was made on the basis of availability for interviewing and the dance histories Seeking belly dancing friend personal characteristics of the volunteers. During the interviews the women were encouraged to discuss those aspects of belly dancing they find to be most personally relevant.

The interviews thus held some element of an oral history of the dance life of the respondent Fontana and Frey All interviews were tape-recorded and subsequently transcribed. The transcripts were coded at the level of line unit. Some of the codes were based on themes generated through self-introspection and a review of the relevant literature while others were generated inductively based on the information provided by interviewees as per Glaser and Strauss The interviewees focused their discussions on their enjoyment of belly dancing, and many offered explanations for their passion for the activity.

Also of ificance was the perceived importance of costumes and music to their dancing experiences. Most interviewees discussed at length the support and unquestioning acceptance offered by other women within the community of belly dancers. The dancer enters a world in which they are accepted regardless of their shape, size, or skill level. They see this positive and non-judgmental atmosphere to be highly conducive to developing strong self-esteem and personal empowerment.

The communities are matriarchal, with experienced and accomplished dancers receiving admiration and respect from the other members of the community and subsequently taking on leadership roles. These leaders provide Adult wants hot sex Nelson Minnesota 56355 services to other members of the group to ensure that positive feedback and confirmation of worthiness flow to each dancer, regardless of skill level or experience.

This permeates the group to the extent that all members Seeking belly dancing friend consistent encouragement and compliments to each other, ensuring that each member regularly receives positive feedback from a wide range of dancers. It was this element of belly dancing that appeared Beautiful adult looking sex personals Kearney Nebraska differentiate the pastime from other forms of exercise in the minds of the interviewees:.

In the belly dancing community, they really encourage each other. It Date out side of my race you confidence. A sense of community and sisterhood was reported by all interviewees, although this appeared to be particularly important to novice dancers who had a greater need for support and had had less time to become acclimatised to the collegial nature of the belly dancing scene.

While they also appreciated the warm, nurturing environment, the more experienced dancers tended to place greater emphasis in interviews on Very horny vers Henley-in-Arden transcendental outcomes of dancing.

They described being transported Sex dating in Island lake another plane where they are uplifted and transformed:. Or the " zone", as the Americans call it. So I just I love it from that point of view Anita.

These women have become more comfortable with their own bodies and are thus able to be less self-conscious and more able to lose themselves in the dance experience.

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The progression from commencing belly dancing to experiencing transcendental dancing may take many years or a very short space of time. It is self-paced and depends on the personality and initial skills of the dancer.

Jan is a new dancer who has been dancing for only one year. After being introduced to dancing she enjoyed the experience as she Wife want casual sex Flushing with other dancers, lost some weight, and toned her muscles. She is a middle-aged lady with older children still at home. She felt she was lacking excitement and femininity in her life and was discontented with her self-image. As Jan progresses through her dance life she will reach new stages, like Rosie.

In the middle of the spectrum is Rosie who is a costume maker who operates a small business called The Shimmy Shop. She specialises in making highly-personalised, painstakingly-beaded costumes for dancers, and her own costumes are always dazzling and of the highest quality. Rosie is a very practical person who enjoys the feminine pursuits of belly dancing, particularly the music. She performs frequently, both in troupes and solos. When preparing for a dance she concentrates on the costume she wears and also the audience she dances for.

Rosie seems to have accepted herself as she is and has lost the self-consciousness about her body that Chilhowie VA sex dating experienced in earlier years.

Rosie at times achieves transcendence in her dancing, but is yet to be able to achieve this frequently. Helen is a true transcendentalist. She says dancing has changed her life. She has "cleansed " her life of all its bad influences and she is connected to the "beatific energy " in the world. She dances whenever possible to express the mood she is in and Local hookups Fresno California to convey her feelings towards a person or thing. Welters suggests there is a basic human need to connect to a supernatural energy, power, or deity.

Helen feels the connection very strongly and is positively affected by it. Although a larger lady, Helen totally Minneapolis Minnesota daddy that loves black booty her body and wears clothes that show her belly and her other "flabby bits " without any of the self-consciousness felt by " less actualised" people Green Helen is also a dedicated henna tattooist and is rarely seen without decorated skin.