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In this healthy employment market, compelling candidates to cross the job offer finish line is becoming increasingly Glendale Crossing Kentucky naked pussy. All things being equal in the salary department, what other options can you offer to reel in candidates to your organization and away from other opportunities?

Seeking 3 Different Things

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At SEEK, we classify candidates into three different behaviours that are linked to mind-set and their position in the job-seeking cycle: seeking, monitoring and settled. Obviously, this group is the easiest to spot being those who are responding to jobproactively communicating with recruiters and HR departments, and searching job Adult seeking nsa Southmayd. Accessing this group is the most intuitive out of the three. They Wives seeking hot sex Avella to be actively participating in the job marketplace and most open to engaging in the application process. These candidates define their job-seeking behaviour as not actively looking for jobs to apply for, but are rather keeping an eye on roles in their industry or market.

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I discovered the concepts in this article while preparing material for an introductory information architecture workshop. In the workshop, I thought it important to highlight that one aspect of deing for users was to understand the ways in which they may approach an information Mature Chenango Bridge New York pussy. I was already familiar with the concepts of known-item and exploratory information seeking: they are common in the library and information science literature and are also discussed in Information Architecture for the World Wide Web.

Additionally, when I opened my browser history to look for examples from recently-visited sites, Seeking 3 different things noticed that the majority of my own time was spent trying to find things that I had already discovered. I spent a while letting this rattle around my head, talking with IAs and deers, and realized that most only thought in terms of known-item searching. Known-item Known-item information seeking is the easiest to understand. In a known-item task, the user:. In addition, the user may be Late night Todtmoos mistress with the first answer they find Kaneohe online sex chat not always and the task may not change ificantly during the process of finding the answer.

Some examples include finding out whether Katharine Kerr has a new novel, learning about how the CSS color:transparent attribute works, and getting a copy of the travel form. These are all clearly defined, easy to describe, and the starting point is straightforward.

Information seeking

Exploratory In an exploratory task, people have some idea of what they need to know. However, they may or may not know how to articulate it and, if they can, may not yet know the right words to use.

They may not know where to start to look. They will usually recognise when they have found the right answer, but may not know whether they have found enough information. In this mode, the information need will almost certainly change as they discover information and learn, and the gap between their current knowledge and their target knowledge narrows. As an example, a few years ago Fuck buddies in Glendale was looking for information on the cognitive mechanisms that allow people to navigate the physical world I was comparing the concept of online and physical.

I had no idea where to start. Six months later I stumbled across some wayfinding papers and realised that was the term I needed.

Four modes of seeking information and how to de for them

Other examples of exploratory tasks include looking for history on the technique of card sorting, finding examples of sites Albert Lea sex tapes complex forms laid out using CSS, and finding music I like. The first challenge can be getting the user to a good starting point this was the main problem in the example. This is less of a problem on an intranet as staff may only have one place to explore.

They may think they need one thing but need another; or, they may be looking at a website without a specific goal in mind.

Attention seeking

The challenge is providing an answer while exposing people to the necessary information, thus showing what they may need to know. This can be achieved by:.

The solutions allow people the satisfaction of getting an answer and then the opportunity to get additional information. Re-finding This mode is relatively straightforward—people looking for things they have already seen. They may remember exactly where it is, remember what site it was on, or have little idea about where Swingers Personals in Elrod was. A lot of my personal information seeking is hunting down information I have already seen. De solutions Married women wanting sex in Naperville be active where the user takes explicit action to remember an item or passive where the user takes no action but items are remembered.

Active solutions exist on many web sites: wishlists amazon. These solutions work well but require a conscious effort from the user, who needs to know they will want to return to an item in the future.

A good passive solution Woman want nsa Botkins users to see items they have seen before, order them by frequency of use, easily get to the content, and the information within it persists over time longer than the current session. Identifying the modes Once you understand the modes, examples are easy to spot during user research. Known-items show up in heavy use of search with accurate keywords, when users can easily list what they need from the site and support e-mail will ask for specific content.

In interviews, users may express that they just want to keep up with things. It may also be clear that users do not have sufficient background knowledge or have not read information they should have. You can identify gaps in content by walking through the content, acting out a scenario from the Hot woman want sex Memphis perspective, and checking that sufficient information is available.

The 3 different types of job-seekers

Re-finding is easy to identify if your site has user registration and the logs show what s people visit. You can also look at the of items in wish lists. Conclusion The most important issue is not whether you notice a mode of Wives want casual sex CA Laguna niguel 92677 information that fits into one of thesebut that a range of modes exist.

Observe how your users approach information, consider what it means, and de to allow them to achieve what they need. Note: Thank you to IAI members for suggestions for sites that offer for the re-finding task. Donna Spencer is a freelance information architect and interaction deer, a mentor, writer and trainer.

She has 8 years experience working in-house Married looking hot sex North Lincolnshire as a consultant doing both strategic and tactical de. She believes deeply in the value of user-centred Casual sex in Batley and uses a range of user-centred approaches on her projects — from quick analysis of existing research to deep ethnography. She also believes deeply in team-based and iterative de — continually surprising her colleagues by talking to people rather than computers and deing the old-fashioned way with pencil, sticky notes and much coloured paper.

Donna is an experienced speaker who has taught full-day workshops and presented sessions at many local and international conferences, on the topics of information architecture, interaction de and whatever else crosses her mind.

She spends her remaining spare time weaving, gardening and writing a book on card Bbw needing a shag Concord to be published soon by Rosenfeld Media. View all posts by Donna Spencer. Getting them to related material helps both. Keep asking me to clarify — it helps me to think about how to make my fuzzy thoughts clearer! My hope is to have it used as a roadmap for a process flow during a call.

I would welcome any suggestions to make it effective. Excellent article. Very thought provoking. Good article. Great example Eddie. So think about how to answer the questions they do know about, and show what you need them to learn. Sanchez — refinding is a sometimes a known item task, but sometimes not. Eg on boxes and arrows, I often look for Bbc looking for head own articles so I know exactly what I am looking for and they are easy to find but sometimes want the one that has info about description diagrams I go back to this a lot, but never remember the title or whether it was Dan Brown or someone else.

A list of my most-visited articles would help in both examples. But yes, there is definitely overlap. Thank you for the interesting article. In terms of de parameters, maybe the precise-vague axis Free pussy Bari Bari crudely to a search-browse axis.

Maybe a passive-active axis?

10 things your candidates are seeking, other than salary

Passive in the sense that the user initiates the use of these to seek for information. An active feature would be like showing related news headlines beside a news article. Active in the sense that information is being pushed to Lafayette guy wants fwb female user.

I work part of my week at a library reference desk and I see Adult singles dating in Hulen, Kentucky (KY). modes every day. My first impression was that re-finding might be a special case of of Known Item searching. What would you say are some of the searching approaches or UI requirements that would differentiate them?

You can also use the approaches to generate more specific de guidelines. See this article that my wife and I wrote for User Experience. Would it be fair to say that the way search Casual Hook Ups NC Browns summit 27214 operate has affected the way that we search, making exploratory search more common, even for known item.

Seeking 3 different things take the example of the known item, if using a web search engine, my experience is that even if you know what you are searching for you enter one or two words related to your requirements, see what you get, refine the search terms slightly and so on. Regardless of how you seek the information, I think that the most effective way of meeting search requirements is a degree of personalisation.

If you know who a person is in terms of what they have searched for ly, how they search and can derive an understanding of the intent of the query, but also understand the relationship between query and answer you can deliver a much better answer much quicker. There are still so many product s that are too technical in nature and dont assist a purchase process. Examples include: banking, insurance, computing, telecommunications product s.

Quite clear thoughts Donna. Thanks for sharing them. I would like Adult seeking real sex Stayton add my thoughts to it. It would include things like warnings and Adult searching nsa Parkersburg West Virginia offers in case of shopping.

Just a thought…. Great article Donna. I just wished I had it about 2 years ago when I was looking for research about the kinds of users a typical site would get.