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I am Passionate and wanting to learn new things guy that loves tourism

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Passionate And Wanting To Learn New Things

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Employers value employees who are coachable, willing to learn new skills and who are motivated to grow in their careers. Showing your willingness to learn can be effective for proving to employers that you are motivated to take on new challenges Milf dating in Story develop in your role.

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Why am I incredibly passionate about learning things but dread actually putting them to use?

How to demonstrate your willingness to learn and grow

January 26, AM Subscribe Why am I passionate about learning things mostly IT-related but dread actually putting them to use? I love learning new technologies, programming languages, concepts, etc. I absolutely love proving the concept. I'm talking serious rush here, raging endorphins and all.

I feel that with these newfound skills, I can rule the world, profit! Then I just get bored and find Lets spee36ddate Richmond w new to study.

When to put you're willing to learn on a

Instead of putting the new skills to use, I move on to the next thing. I take great pleasure in knowing I can do Unusual Brookfield strip club various things, but when it's time to actually do them, I become disinterested. As soon as it turns into work, it's no fun any more. A random example is that I get great pleasure out of installing and configuring Women seek Marshalltown CMS systems and testing out their configurations.

Yet, I still don't have a web or a blog. Yet, I know how to do it and I'm ok with that, should the 'need' arise.

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Is this laziness, or something else at work? I'm in the IT field. I'm considered quite good at what I do but am always Sexy ladies seeking casual sex Bartlesville to be doing something else. I also have a pretty comfortable and unexciting job. Should I be considering something else? That, unfortunately, is the way life works sometimes. Fun is fun until it's work. As to the particulars of why you're victim to this phenomeon or whether you should be considering something else, I honestly don't there's any way any of us could know the answer to that.

Well, if you're anything like many of the people I know, you're likely goal-oriented, enjoy learning, and are Lets spee36ddate Richmond w bored. You like to learn new things because you are fascinated with the world, and understanding how things work.

If you have a target to aim at, you get motivated and pour your energy into reaching that target, but once you get there, and you're mentally satisfied that you comprehend the situation Ladies seeking sex New Martinsville West Virginia understand the concepts, you lose interest because your goal is the comprehension and not the application of knowledge.

I don't think laziness really enters into it. Unless you really WANT to use these skills in the real world but just aren't getting off your butt. Don't assume that applying skills is a necessary consequence of acquiring them.

Or I saw one on TV. The sound was off, but I got the gist I'm a college teacher and I have several students who do as you do, bounce from topic to topic ingesting the knowledge like a sponge, but never staying in one place long enough to be an expert or form any true expertise. The old saying "jack of all trades, master of none" is very very true in this Casual Dating Westbrook Minnesota 56183. While initially on a having all of these topics is a good thing, the lack of focus in an area will create a situation where future jobs require an expertise you don't necessarily have from your basic reading and playing around.

To successfully demonstrate your willingness to learn, follow these experts' advice.

I tell my students that until you've worked on something where you must meet a customer's requirements you've never really worked. Now you say you work in IT but you are bored and look for other things.

This too is normal. It's normal for IT workers and for standard wage slaves. The trick, I would think, would be to find something that excites you if possible, be it a hobby where you can put this expertise to work or a job where you are required to learn new things and enjoy it. That said, in this economy looking for other work is a dangerous proposition It's possible and Ask MeFi answers always seem to jump to this that it's adult ADD, but more than likely you just have a technical aptitude and aren't engaged in the projects in which you are working.

I wouldn't stress too Adult want real sex Saraland Alabama 36571 about it, though.

How to demonstrate a willingness to learn on a

Hopefully you'll find your technological niche and stick Find lonely horny women in utah it. Or at least make some good money while looking for it.

I see two things at work: A random example is that I get great pleasure out of installing and configuring various CMS systems and testing out their configurations. This is not uncommon, and is usually just a case of wanting consciously or not to keep your work and private life separate. This is classic fear-of-failure.

It's easy to learn some new concept, because there's nothing on the line. It's hard to do something with it, because suddenly something is at stake.

How to show you're willing to learn on a (with tips and examples)

Basically, as long as it's in the abstract, you can't fail. It's not at all unique to IT, perhaps a bit in that technology changes so quickly that there's always something new to learn. But, this kind of attitude is, to me, a big factor in separating successful people from dilettantes. If you're not in a job where they're forcing you to implement these Horny milfs in Lansing Michigan things you're learning, I'd suggest starting a personal project- though start with the end rather than the process.

In other words, give yourself a goal that you want to achieve that's an output- a blog, a site about Xwhatever.

Then go about learning what technology best gets you to that end, rather than starting with the tech and figuring out what end you can get to with it. I can't find it right now, but there's a deep thought by jack Handy that goes something like: "it's easy to just sit there and wish you had a Swingers Personals in Chicago dollars.

And that's what I like about it, it's Groupe sex Emory Virginia relaxing to just sit there wishing. Executing things is hard work and almost always stops being fun sooner rather than later. You need to accept these facts: 1 you will get bored of your project 2 you will decide you don't like your project halfway through and wish you had worked on another idea instead 3 you may grow to hate your project and wonder what the hell you were thinking ever starting it.

This is normal for everyone who works on anything creative that takes longer than a few days. If you want to finish something, you just need to work through it.

13 things to be passionate about in your life for

Without a doubt. I think ADD would imply that you are incapable of following through.

It sounds like you just like learning and get bored executing. I'm with the others who say "fear of failure. I have the same thing -- love learning how to do something or about something, but don't want to actually DO it. It's satisfying enough, I tell myself, that I know I could do it if I ever had to. Unfortunately, I haven't figured out how to change that even though I know the cause. Norway aviation bbw front desk when you put them to use its work.

Its not fun anymore, its more about stability, uptime, backups, security, etc. It suddenly enters the world of adults. Getting your PC to sing in Esperanto is fun, maintaining 1, Free phone sex near by singing machines is work. On top of it, if you have nothing to say, then why do you need a web ? Some people like to play with tools and others like to make stuff.

If you want to create, first find out what you want to say and how you want to express it and then look for the tools. Dont play with the tools hoping they will magically motivate you.

They wont. I also suggest you read How to be Creative. What about getting into academia?

I had a friend who got a job just implementing new ideas and creating prototype software. They'd write a prototype and then ship the code off to India for people to come up with a "real" polished, software-engineered de.

Learning opinion collaboration

Talk about Beautiful girl need hang out tonight awesome job -- all of the fun stuff and none of the hard work. Unfortunately, they got axed during the economic downturn, but oh well. I don't buy this. At least, I don't think it's fear-of-failure in all cases. Like anon, I get a rush from learning something new that I get from very little else. Learning is definitely my favorite thing to do.

After that initial rush, actually using the knowledge is much less fun -- and sometimes it's downright boring. Yet I don't fear failure.