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View Full Version : cocksucking with the wife watching If you can see this, your browser does not understand Iframes. To see content : link.

Wife knows I love to suck cock, told her before we were married. I have several mostly married men I blow on a regular basis usually at our home with her watching me suck their dicks,the gentlemen completely naked as are we She blows them also when they interest her. Was wondering if any other married "bi" men enjoy dick sucking with the wife watching I can't explain it but it really turns us BOTH on and she loves to watch!

I don't do anything else with guys and I'm not 'attracted' to guys. I personally love sucking a guy just as he pulls his cum covered cock out of my wife while she Local horny Milwaukee women me clean him up before going down on her!!!!

Erect dicks are Fuck single women Haltom City Texas sexy beautiful. Love sperm in my mouth and down my gullet Yes sirMr. I sure am lucky I started very early indeed, sucking cocks of "all ages", wish I could say more but got married ,always liked girls and their pussies.

Wife About 10 years ago i walked into the Garage and found My Husband on his knee's with the neighbors hands holding his head as he thrust his 9 inch cock in and out of my husbands mouth and throat Well that was only the Beginning of this Cocksuckers life,Now he's my cockslut and does as ORDERED when it comes to sucking cock,I have no problem with that because its so hot to watch him pleasure another man period let alone Charleston lonely milf I am the one directing the show persay anytime anywhere anyplace whenever i say he sucks cock for me black white it doesnt matter Syracuse naval sluts loves cock And She wants as Well.

My wife and I are Both bisexual, or as we prefer "hetro-flexible" and we Finally got together with another both bi couple a while back and as I was in their sex swing with my legs in the stirrups up high and his wife and mine sitting between my legs sucking my cock, I motioned for him to step up beside my head and I took his cock in my mouth and started sucking him.

We talked about it later and I asked her how she felt about it and she said when she looked up and saw his cock in my mouth she got instantly WET and that and I hadn't noticed this the other wife had started feeling her up while they shared Swingers Personals in Franklinton cock with their mouths!! OMG, I can't Wait to do it again!!! The very first time I sucked a dick was many many years ago when I was married to my ex-wife. She and I had what I guess some would call 'open marriage' where every few months or so we'd hit a swingers club and fool around some.

We never played alone nor did we want to although then, like now, I love sharing a woman.

I personally think there is nothing hotter than watching your wife be so totally Housewives want hot sex IA North english 52316 completely sexually pleased! Any way back then I 'thought' I was 'straight' but now semi-openly bi my position within the community requires me to be VERY private as to my sexuality and kinks. My wife went with one of her girlfriends to a party that I couldn't attend because of other work related commitments.

When she got home in the wee hours of the morning she was totally blasted and horny.

As she undressed for bed, we both, and I still do, sleep nude, I could hear Horny wives in Newark ploppy wet sound of her pussy when she pulled her underwear off. Thinking she was just wet from being horny I didn't think anything of it. After she crawled in bed she started to play with my dick and then asked me to go down on her and make her cum.

Never being one to skip the opportunity to eat pussy suffice it to say I quickly made my way down.

I remember flicking my tongue across her lips and thinking "Damn she's wet! It didn't take long for her to cum that night nor pass out leaving me with a very big stiff Tokio ND housewives personals all alone! The next morning when she awoke I asked her how the party was Finally after a few minutes of discussion and me explaining how I went down on her she blushed and started to stammer. Apparently that night she had fucked a guy Casual Hook Ups Arkdale Wisconsin 54613 had known for a few months in the car before coming home and then proceeded to tell me how I had eaten his cum out of her and then suddenly got so turned on she and I spent the day having sex on pretty much every available surface in our house.

A few months after that 'event' we were working toward a night of having others us in bed and the same guy's name from that night came up. Figuring what the hell she's already fucked him once why not Love Manchester dating for it again.

After a few rounds at the bar the tab was paid and we were at Single wives want hot sex Butte naked and I was watching him fuck my wife. I was knelt on the floor next to the wife's head and she was sucking me and begging for someone to make her cum.

That's when she begged me to lick her clit while he fucked her.

As I licked her clit just inches from his dick she started to cum hard and bucked her hips causing his dick to slip out of her. As he was trying to get back in her to cum his cock hit my mouth, which was open because I was licking her clit, and the tip of his dick slipped in. Just as it did he started to cum in my mouth and I being caught up in the moment and knowing how it sucks to loose a nut I just sucked the head Casual sex Angelus Kansas his dick while he came.

And that boys and girls is how I started sucking dicks with my ex-wife and now current wife! Then sucking his cock clean and tasting the flavors!!! Sirramm, I am with you there. Even better if he is Ripley WV bi horney housewifes shooting short spurts when I get him to my mouth.

Cheryl you need to Ladies seeking hot sex Nanticoke Maryland 21840 with a BI guy like me, and very well could be. Yes Sirramm you are a lucky man!!!!!!!!!!

Love the feel and taste of a hard cock while my wife watches. She gets instantly wet have felt it and wants to lick pussy as I suck cock. Then, it's a fuckfest. You know how much I love seeing men together.

Cheryl P be Salt lake girls sex to post to let us know if you're ever going to come south to Seattle. I'm sure some nice gentleman here would be willing to me in providing some nice visual stimuli for you--or if you bring a boyfriend, I will be only to happy to suck him off in your presence for our mutual enjoyment.

Sirramm, your narrations are too hot. I wish to fuck ur mouth and give you load full of my tasty thick man juice. When we first started MMFinf a couple years ago, I was pretty nervous knowing that she would see me doing this.

She was very cool with it and would me, passing him between Lady wants nsa KY Manila 41238. One of my favorite positions is where the wife lays on his thigh with his dick sticking up next to her face and neck. I get on her missionary and fuck her while I suck him. She enjoys this and helps out. I love the view. I love how hard she comes with a big dick slamming her and my tongue on her clit. I have yet to be able to be doing this when he comes but am hopeful. I have dreamed of her finding me a boyfriend for years that she could watch me have full-on sex with.

I guess that's one fantasy that'll never be fulfilled! I'm soooo jealous of you all! There is nothing hotter for me than a woman who likes to watch her man suck cock. My ex and I used to love this a lot Divorced now and really I want to kiss you with passion fire bad a woman who likes this. I'd marry her tomorrow. My wife knew that I sucked cock before we got married and was savvy enough to know once you start, you don't just quit. She accepts it as just part of our marriage and it works for us.

I fantasize about it, but I could never introduce that level of fucked-up-ed-ness into my marriage. I'd really like to suck cock but I've no interest in a relationship beyond that and even that desire is superseded by my love for my wife. If the opportunity presents itself, I'll probably take it so long as there is only the guy and I and there's extreme discretion, otherwise I don't forsee anything happening. I do dream though of fucking my wife and blowing some guy in order to get him hard enough to fuck my petite little asian wife while she or they blow s me.

Not Beautiful adult ready dating Minot married, but there is nothing hotter than a woman watching me sucking another guys cock. My neighbor's wife loves to watch me suck her husbands cock, and take him in my ass. I usually suck him at least once a week, and she is usually there to watch. I love being watched, or watching others.

It would to love have a chick watch me service a guy, but not the wife. She is not into that at all despite letting me watch her do other guys but that was a long long time ago. I have a current partner that enjoys pics I have of me with a guy and is looking into Adult wants horny sex Kailua1 Hawaii me up with one of her bisexual male friends.

Maybe a reality soon, I hope. Sirramm, my beginning was similar to yours One of the "Ms" was bi and we started playing Adult seeking nsa Violet Hill seeing how it turned her on, I tried sucking cock. I was instantly hooked! This carried on until her death cancer in I was open with my present wife before our marriage and we've enjoyed an "open" relationship since We did some wife swap type swinging at swing clubs until we couldn't take the drama anymore.

Now it's predominantly MMF with a rare bi couple thrown in.